March 2020: Confirmation of Innosuisse funding for the protein project

Together with the University of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences (BFH-HAFL) and the research partner Agroscope (Cultures, Biodiversity and Terroir Research Group), Vitarbo AG is working on the production of protein from moring leaves and has now received state funding (Innosuisse) following successful preliminary tests. For the next three years, a budget of CHF 700,000 is available for the research project. The aim of the project is to develop an industrially scalable process for protein production. Various protein-rich products with different properties are produced, which are suitable for use in the food or feed industry.


2019 consolidation with focus on Moringa basic products and Moringa protein

Vitarbo AG will continue to trade Moringa products: leaves, powder and extract and offer these “basic products” in the B2B business model of the food industry. These products are still available in conventional or organic quality. After successful interim tests in the Moringa protein project, it is planned to apply for Innosuisse funding at the end of 2019 and to launch a 3-year development project from 2020. The continuation of these research and development steps are planned together with the University of Applied Sciences in Bern (HAFL).


Startup Lounge Food

On 16th of may we presented Vitarbo at the CrowdFoods Startup Lounge "Food" at Universität St Gallen. Many interested students and colleagues from other startups got to know moringa. It was a fantastic event.


Biofach 2018

This year too, Biofach was a marvelous trade-fair. We met many old and new customers, suppliers and moringa-lovers in general. There were good conversations and many ideas for new projects. Thanks' to all who came by!


Vitarbo at "Brennpunkt Nahrung 2017"

At the food-conference "Brennpunkt Nahrung" we had the oportunity to present our moringa to the Swiss food-industry. In many open conversations, new ideas for moringa were discussed that will develop moringa further on the market.


Baobab - a great new ingredient!

Since September 2017 we can offer you first-class Baobab fruitpowder as an interesting ingredient for your foods. Our Partner is Eco Products in South Africa. There, Sarah Venter is working for many years to provide Baboab as a high-value ingredient for food.

EcoProducts Team


Startup-summit 2017 in Stuttgart

Vitarbo presented the moringa protein project. An energetic, open atmosphere. We enjoyed great conversations.

Startup2  Startup1


Vitarbo at Gesundheitstage Bodensee

Over two days - 18+19. March - we had a lot of good talks with health-interested people, many of whom already know the value of Moriinga. It was fun to be there!

 L V M 2017 kl


Vitarbo at Biofach 2017

Vitarbo presented Moringa at Biofach hosted by Switzerland Global Enterprise. Every year in Nürnberg, Germany, Biofach is the world leading trade-fair for organic food. We had a great time and many interesting conversations with customers, producers and the general public. Moringa is welcome on the organic food market and we look forward to great moringa-foods in the future.


Vitarbo Organic Certified Moringa

Vitarbo has completed it's organic certification process and is now licensed to trade with organic products. In cooperation with selected suppliers we will offer you organic moringa to fit into your product-lines. We expect to have first organic Moringa available in Spring 2017. Click here to download our organic certificate.


Science-conference development of new food-sources

At ETH Zürich, hosted by the Kompetenz Netzwerk Nutrition, the foundation moecuisine and Swiss Food Research we presented Moringa within the scope of finding new food-sources. The programme was very diverse, interesting presentations and  exibitors presented their work. Moringa was recognised as a valuable contribution to address future food supply, especially the possibility to have a high-value protein extract from Moringa.

Neue Ernaehrungsquellen3

Vitarbo at "Food of tomorrow" - "Lebensmittel von morgen"

Already last year we had the oportunity to present Vitarbo at the regional confernece on healthy nutrition "Lebensmittel von Morgen".

This time, we could present Morina and Vitarbo in a oral presentation on the potential of moringa. We had many good conversations and good feedback from the visitors.

Lebensmittel von Morgen 2016



Vitarbo @ Vitafoods in Geneva

Vitafood is the European trade-fair for innovative food ingredients and therefor also the place to go when looking for Moringa.

Vitarbo has taken the oportunity to present our moringa and our company to customers and partners.

We had three great days packed with intersting conversations. There was a lot of interest in the potential of moringa. We made many contacts for interesting projects.

It was a great joy, we will meet again in Geneva!

Vitarbo Vitafood 2016


New Results on the use of Moringa in Feed

In cooperation with Jean Soller AG Vitarbo conducted a trial with 1700 laying henns. Moringa was added to the feed as a protein-supply but also as a source for carotinoids. In laying henns this is important to have nice colour of egg-yolk. The results were positive and we will develop this application further. The trial was also presented in a regional magazine for farming (German).

Moringa fuer fitte Huehner


International Symposium on Moringa in Manila

From 15st to 18st of Novenber 2015, Manila was the host to the worlds Moringa-specialists. With a wide range of presentations on all topics concerning Moringa and in countless conversations among delegates, it showed how fast the development of Moringa is moving. Many applications of moringa are driven forward, and the knowledge on the plant and its uses becomes more substantial every day. On the other hand, it became clear that certain areas need further investigation. For example solid studies of the positive health-benefits of moringa are needed, as is a wider recognition of moringa among the general public.

Vitarbo could present its quality-management in an oral presentation and on a poster. For the future, constant high quality of the product is obligatory to ensure moringa recieves  the recognition on the market it deserves.

The poster is available her.

It was a fantastic event and it was a great pleasure meeting the moringa community in person! Looking forward to the next conference.

Moringaling 2015


Moringa and Vitarbo presented at the Tropenhaus Frutigen

The Tropenhaus in Frutigen close to Berne in Switzerland is a greenhouse and botanical garden that is heated with the warm water comming from the railroad tunnel in the Lötschberg mountain. At Frutigen, sturgeon is produced and a broad variety of tropical plants is presented. Main-theme of the house is sustainable production and economic use of natural resources.

It's obvious, that moringa raised an interest. So now we are happy to present moringa and Vitarbo in an exibition in the Tropenhaus over the next months. A broader public will learn the many interesting facts on moringa and of its potential. Moringa plants are presented and can also be purchased and tasted. Certainly, the moringa-products by Vitarbo are available too.

So, should you be around, drop by in the Tropenhaus Frutigen!

Morigna at Tropenhaus


Moringa at the technical university of St Gallen

From September 28st to 2nd of October at the restaurant of the University of applied science FHS St. Gallen, Switzerland, there was a moringa-dish on the menue every day. The creative cooks created a selection of delicious foods - the selection included morina oven vegetables, moringa fajitas and chickpea-stew with moringa, not to mention a fine mornga soup every day. This shows again that moringa can be included in a variety of tasty dishes, adding taste and nutrition to our diet.

A success with the students!

Kollage Moritnga FHSG


Workshop on Moringa

On the 13st of March, Vitarbo AG, the team of the centre for innovation at the university of applied science St Gall and a circle of interested partners held an enthusiastic workshop on Moringa. Using “creative roulette” and “creative poker”, many spontaneous ideas were gathered and evaluated. In a second step, possible business-models were drafted. In open conversations during the workshop and later at lunch, the many possibilities of Moringa oleifera became even more salient.


Moringa oleifera as food

In an external study on the legal status of Moringa oleifera as food, we could get the independent confirmation that Moringa is a valuable food that can be used in various applications in Europe. In Switzerland too, the legal situation is clarified - moringa can be used as food. We look forward to many tasty applications for our plant.