Without systematic cultivation, Moringa oleifera grows into a tall tree. Harvest involves much effort and manual labour. Up to now it was difficult to harvest larger amounts of leaves for use. Efficient agricultural practices are still beeing developed.

Scientific studies and field-trials show that Moringa can grow well in dense fields as shrub for cutting that can be harvested over several years.

Our aim it is to improve systems for irrigation, cultivation and harvest as well as methods for processing after harvest. New technologies have to be developed and implemented in the countries where Moringa grows. This way, stable and high quality can be obtained.

The choice of the right variety of Moringa is also important - taste and composition of moringa can vary a lot between plants from the wild. Vitarbo together with its partners will undertake a selection-process to choose the right varieties for the right application.

The exchange of knowledge helps everyone - producers have better chance of selling in Europe and also in their own markets where Moringa already may have a good price. On the other hand our customers appreciate the better understanding of the origin of our products.

We look for long-term cooperation with our partners on the basis of contract-farming.